Breakfast Berry Parfait

This Breakfast Berry Parfait is packed with everything you need to kick-start your day. Packed with strawberries and banana, and sprinkled with All-Bran cereal, this breakfast sundae tastes fantastic and is really healthy, too.
Did you know that a banana is a berry? Technically, the definition of a berry is a fruit which encases its seeds, so a banana is a berry, whereas a strawberry isn’t. Strawberry still has the word ‘berry’ in it though, which makes it a-okay to place in a Breakfast Berry Parfait if you ask me.
I whipped this up one morning in an attempt to make a healthy breakfast yoghurt look like a yummy ice cream sundae. The strawberry yoghurt is the ice cream, the fruit is well, fruit, the Greek yoghurt is whipped cream and the All-Bran Flakes are giant chocolate sprinkles.
You can adapt this recipe however you want – using whatever cereal, fruit and yoghurt you like best. If you like this recipe, don’t forget to check back next Monday – I’ll be posting a Nutella-Based Chocolate Breakfast Parfait!
Breakfast Berry Parfait
Sliced strawberries
Sliced banana
Strawberry yoghurt
Greek yoghurt
All-Bran Flakes
Place a few strawberries in the bottom of your container and spoon some strawberry yoghurt on top. Sprinkle on a layer of All-Bran Flakes and dollop on some more strawberry yoghurt. Layer a few slices of banana then spoon on more strawberry yoghurt. Fill the rest of the container with sliced strawberries and banana. Spread Greek yoghurt on top of the fruit – try to make it look like whipped cream – then sprinkle a few All-Bran Flakes on top – they’re meant to be the chocolate sprinkles. Finish off by placing a few strawberry slices around the edge.