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30 Day Squat Challenge

Ready to achieve the bigger, rounder and firmer butt you've always dreamed of while also getting stronger and burning fat? Then you're ready for this 30 day squat challenge! A progressive fitness test that guides you through 15 daily reps up to an amazing 150 daily reps, this 30 day squat challenge is perfect for beginners and will get you the great results you deserve.

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What is a squat?

A squat is a full-body exercise that primarily works the thighs and the butt, although it also does a great job at strengthening your core and lower back, too. You can do this quick and simple exercise in the gym or at home, with or without weights.

To do a squat, you stand with your legs hip-width apart, bend your knees and push your butt backward, like you're sitting down in an invisible chair. At the same time, you stick your arms out parallel to the floor and keep your head and your chest up. It sounds pretty complex when you explain it in words, but it's really not. Scroll down to the How to do squats at home section for a video showing you exactly how to do a squat.

What are the benefits of squats?

Most people do squats to get a bigger, rounder and firmer butt. If you've ever looked at squat workouts on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen these types of pictures that promise ah-maz-zing results in one week if you just do a couple of squats a day.

I'm going to be totally straight with you and tell you that you're not going to turn a flat butt into a great big round, toned butt by following this 30 day squat challenge. We've got to be realistic here! But here are five things you can expect to achieve by following this fitness challenge:

5 things you'll get from the 30 day squat challenge

  • Stronger muscles. Your muscles won't swell up and become huge, but they will be stronger. At the end of this fitness challenge you'll notice you can do thigh-intense activities (like climbing stairs and running) faster and more easily than before.
  • Increased fat burning. Squats burn more energy than many other exercises because they work your muscles more intensely. You can burn even more fat by lifting small weights like thesewhen squatting. Simply grip the weights in your hands and do the squats like in the video linked below.
  • Improved balance. Squatting (again, especially when you do it with small weights) greatly improves your balance. If you've struggled with balancing poses, like the ones in day 9 of my 30 day yoga challenge, you'll find them much more manageable when you begin doing squats.
  • Less back pain. You know that pain you get in your lower back after you've been standing for a long time? Start squatting regularly and that will go away. Seriously. Doing squats strengthens your bones and joints which helps support your spine.
  • A bigger, rounder and more toned butt. You might think I'm going against everything I said earlier, but it's true. Complete this 30 day squat challenge and you really will notice a positive difference in your butt. Take a photo on day 1 and then take another on day 30 to see how far you've come. It won't look like a miracle butt implant, but I guarantee you'll be able to see a difference.

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How to do squats at home

To get the most out of this 30 day squat challenge, you need to be doing squats correctly. It's pretty tough to describe how to do a proper squat with just words, so click here to watch a short video showing you exactly how you should be doing it.

30 Day Squat Challenge

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P.S. If you're going to do this 30 day squat challenge, I'd love to hear how you get on! Leave me a comment below and I'll give you all the support and advice you need to see it through to day 30!

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    Just started your challenge today.

    • Nicola

      Fantastic! Good luck, Ronald - you can do it! 🙂

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    i am gonna start today!!! cant wait for day30

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      Fantastic - you can do it, Winnie!

  3. Sister

    I Don’t Usually Challenge Myself And Finish. I’m Going For The Finish Line. Wish Me Luck

  4. Jerri

    Hi! I will begin this challenge tomorrow!