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Guest post: Six of the best ways to serve caviar

For the gourmet, caviar is an exquisite delicacy that truly represents the pinnacle of fine dining. The best and most delicately flavoured is beluga caviar, but oscietra and sevruga caviar are excellent alternatives. Caviar can be served in many ways; these are among the best.

Caviar and spoon by <a href="">Thor</a>

Caviar and spoon by Thor

1. With toast or crackers

Many connoisseurs consider that the only proper way to eat caviar is just as it comes. The caviar should be served in its original container (it is common to leave the lid close by for guests to examine) or a crystal bowl on crushed ice. Guests should use a mother of pearl or bone spoon (metal spoons are said to affect the flavour) to lift the caviar from the container. It should be eaten on thinly sliced white bread, lightly toasted and cut into points (triangles with no crust) or unsalted crackers, with sour cream or crème fraiche sprinkled with finely minced fresh parsley. It can be accompanied by ice-cold vodka, though some prefer dry champagne.

2. With blinis

The traditional Russian way of eating caviar is with blinis (small buckwheat pancakes) and crème fraiche. The method is simple – just place some of the crème fraiche on a warm blini and top it with a small serving of caviar. And then wash it down with vodka or dry champagne, suitably chilled.

3. In stuffed potato skins with smoked salmon

This is a great way to combine the flavours of smoked salmon and caviar. Simply scoop out the flesh from a baked potato half leaving a thin layer of potato on the inside. Placed some chopped smoked salmon in the potato skin and add sour cream. Sprinkle with chopped chives and top off with your choice of caviar for an attractive and tasty experience.

4. On cucumber

This is another attractive yet easy to make way to serve caviar. Slice a cucumber into circles (or diagonally into ovals for a different look) and spoon sour cream over each slice. Garnish with dill or chopped chives or parsley and top with around half a teaspoon of caviar. You can present it as it is or arrange the cucumber attractively in the middle of the serving dish and place lightly buttered toast cut into shapes of your choosing around the edge.

5. On smoked salmon fingers

Smoked salmon and caviar often go together and these finger sandwiches are the perfect way to enjoy them. Simply butter white bread and spread with cream cheese mixed with capers and seasoned with black pepper. Then, top it of with the salmon and caviar and garnish with dill or your favourite herbs. Slice into fingers and there you have perfect smoked salmon and caviar fingers. You can leave the “sandwich” open or cover with another slice of bread.

6. On potato pancakes

Mix grated potato with eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Divide into small portions and flatten and fry in butter until golden brown on both sides. Serve hot with crème fraiche topped with caviar.

These are easy ways to prepare caviar for your guests but if you prefer to let someone else do the work then you can always try the caviar at Boisdale, which is renowned as a great venue for fine dining. At Boisdale you will find the finest caviar, including beluga caviar, served in a traditional way with chopped hen’s egg, sour cream and blinis. But you can also try Royal Baerii caviar with smoked salmon on rye toast, chips or in a ceviche of scallop, lime and chilli. Whatever your preference, Boisdale will give you the fine dining experience of a lifetime.

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  1. Syed Ahmed

    An excellent piece. Very informative!

  2. Zequek Estrada

    Caviar on crackers sounds delicious. Most anything combined with a cracker is usually tasty. It makes a quick and easy treat.