Homemade Vanilla Vodka + Free Printable Labels (+ super special announcement!!)

There’s no time quite like the present to get started on homemade Christmas gifts! Too early for Christmas jokes? Yeah, I thought so. Now please bear with me – I’m not going to start posting Christmas recipes in the second week of September unless it’s absolutely necessary. And since this recipe needs at least six weeks for the flavours to infuse, I figured now was a good time to post it, to give you guys plenty of time to get the ingredients and make up your own batches for Christmas cocktail recipes!

Homemade Vanilla Vodka + Free Printable Labels | www.pinkreipebox.com

I’ve also decided to post this homemade vanilla vodka recipe today for another reason – I’ve got some super exciting news to share with you guys. I’m writing a winter-themed cocktail book! Cocktail recipes are some of the most popular posts on my blog, so it seemed only sensible that I write a cocktail book.

It’s been so weird making up boozy hot chocolates when the sun is blaring outside and its 90F+ inside, but I’m sure it will all be worth it. So far, the release day is set for sometime in the first week of November, so I’ve got plenty of time to share sneak photo peaks and recipes with you guys before the big day. Some of the recipes will be ones which are already on the blog, but the majority will be 100% brand new recipes! I really can’t wait to share it with you all!

Homemade Vanilla Vodka + Free Printable Labels | www.pinkreipebox.com

Anyway, back to this vanilla vodka. Open up a brand new bottle of vodka, drop a couple of vanilla pods in it and wait six weeks. That’s pretty much all their is to it. Since this is such a basic recipe, the type of ingredients you use are really important. I’ve had the most success in using crowd-pleasing Red label Smirnoff vodka or Absolute Original vodka, but using top quality vodka isn’t the only thing you need to think about.

The vanilla beans/pods you use are also vital. Madagascan vanilla pods are some of the highest quality ones in the world and are definitely the ones you should buy if you can afford to splash out on them. If not, then just use the best quality ones you can afford. If you’re in the US, OliveNation has a great selection of affordable quality vanilla beans.

Homemade Vanilla Vodka + Free Printable Labels | www.pinkreipebox.com

If you’re planning on giving a bottle of homemade vanilla vodka to someone as a gift, then you can take advantage of my super-cute labels! All you need to do is visit this page, right-click on the image and save it. If you only want one label, click here to download the single label version. Then open it up in whatever programme you normally use to print and print it! The labels are pretty much the perfect size for you to cut around and stick on the face of a bottle or a jar.

Do you have any delicious cocktail recipes you’d use this homemade vanilla vodka for?

Homemade Vanilla Vodka + Free Printable Labels | www.pinkreipebox.com

Homemade Vanilla Vodka + Free Printable Labels (+ super special announcement!!)

Prep Time 2 mins
Servings 1 bottle of vanilla vodka


  • 1 bottle of vodka
  • 2 vanilla pods


  • Place the vanilla pods inside the bottle of vodka and leave in a cool, dark place for six weeks.
  • Shake the bottle once each week to enhance the infusing process.
  • After six weeks, remove the vanilla pods and enjoy your yummy vanilla vodka!
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  1. Ange says

    My friend made this for me for Christmas last year and I loved it! So glad to find the recipe and cute label too. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded, I’m featuring your post this week!

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