How to Not Make Molten Chocolate Cakes

Pictures of molten chocolate cakes are always gorgeous. A rich, warm sponge which encases a gooey chocolate sauce that oozes out over the plate. I’ve tried to make these fabulous creations twice now and always come across the same problem – all the recipes I find make enough mixture for at least four portions. Boyfriend and I live alone, so I always try and reduce the recipe so there are only two portions – this is never successful.
How Not to Make Molten Lava Cakes
If you want to make overflowing warm mousse with a blackened soufflé top, follow these tips very carefully.
Use far too many eggs
Don’t use enough chocolate or sugar
Fill the molds too high
Make sure the oven is too hot
If you follow those tips correctly, you should be left with a horrible Yorkshire pudding-tasting undercooked soufflé/mousse, as well as a very disappointed boyfriend.
How Not to Make Molten Lava Cakes
Hopefully the next time I try to make these, I get to update my blog with a successful post and show off tempting photos of what these gorgeous treats really should look like.

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