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Printable Conversion Chart Series – Chapter Four: Ounces to Grams

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means - we're back to the conversion chart series! And - unlike last week - today I'm back on track with a pretty pink printable you can print out and stick onto your fridge, kitchen cupboard or even your forehead - wherever you find the most useful.

This week's printable is probably going to be the one that's going to come in handy the most (for me anyway) - ounces to grams. Now, just to make things clear I'm not talking fluid ounces, I'm talking....solid ounces? ...original ounces? ....traditional ounces?

Not 100% sure what these type of ounces are called, but they're the ones that you use to measure dry ingredients - like flour, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate, solid butter, etc - not wet ingredients - like water, milk and melted butter. Still with me? Cool.

Pink Recipe Box Printable Conversion Charts Chapter Four: Ounces to Grams

I think this is going to be the chart that comes in handy the most because every single week I find myself typing "1oz in g" and similar stuff into Google. It's the whole imperial vs metric thing raising its head again, just like it did for the Fahrenheit to Celsius chart. Wait - is Fahrenheit imperial and Celsius metric? I've actually no idea, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

Most of Europe uses metric measurements, but most of the food blogs I follow use imperial measurements and since I can't retain any useful information for any length of time in my brain - but trivial stuff like my favourite shade of pink and the best cupcake I've ever had are locked in my mind forever - I find myself needing to make this sort of conversion time and time again.

Whilst I've got no real problem with banging "X ounces into grams" into Google several times each week, it can be a bit of a hassle, you know? Not that I'm lazy, but when the front of my beautiful white blouse is covered in red food colouring speckles from a red velvet cake mix - making me look like a murdering, rampaging baker - and my hands are covered in bread dough because I'm forever multi-taking, I really don't have the patience to cover my laptop keyboard in food colouring, flour and dough to work out what 2oz is in g unless I totally have to.

So, by making this printable, printing it out and sticking it on the inside of a cupboard or somewhere else handy, I'll have all my measurements at hand without having to touch anything except the cupboard handles. And those are filthy and could do with a clean, anyway.

Ounces to Grams Printable Conversion Chart

Pink Recipe Box Printable Conversion Charts Chapter Four: Ounces to Grams

Just to clear stuff up - these conversions aren't 100% accurate. Some of them are 2-3 grams out, but they're more than accurate enough to use as baking measurements. Anyway, no one in their right mind measures out 198.7591g of flour. I don't care how amazing the cake would turn out - I do not have that sort of time on my hands!

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  1. Debbie

    Very helpful so I don't constantly need to convert online (Google) for my food tracker app that doesn't always list grams as an option for the food selected.