Lemon Raspberry Overnight Oats

Get ready for the ultimate healthy breakfast recipe that’s going to change your life! Wholesome, filling oats mixed with tangy Greek yogurt, topped with rich, creamy lemon curd and tart, fruity raspberries. Seriously, these lemon raspberry overnight oats taste so good you’ll think you’re eating dessert, not a nutritious breakfast!

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Lemon & White Chocolate Oatmeal

I. Love. Oatmeal. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been eating oatmeal pretty much every single morning for breakfast and then again a couple of hours later for lunch sometimes, too. It’s not for health reasons or anything like that – it’s simply because I really love the stuff. I love the creamy texture, the dessert-like sensation and the fact that it actually fills me up. But what I love above everything else is the versatility of oatmeal. [Read more…]

Fresh Lemon Vodka Slush Summer Cocktail Recipe

Cool, refreshing and loaded with alcohol, this fresh lemon vodka slush is my favourite summer cocktail of all time and after you’ve had one delicious sip, I bet it’s gonna be yours, too! It’s super easy to make and yields a huge batch. So you can spend just a few minutes prepping this drinkable heaven and have an almost never-ending supply of delicious slushy cocktails in your freezer to last you the whole of summer. Sound good? Let’s get to it!

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