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Weight Loss Cardio Workout at Home You Can Actually Fit into Your Busy Life

Did you make any workout-related New Year's Resolutions this year? How are they coming along? Don't worry if your goal to become more active got pushed to one side. You're certainly not alone! Taking some time out to exercise and improve our bodies sounds like a great thing in theory. But in practise, you have to juggle setting aside one hour of "me time" a day with working, food shopping, meal preparing, looking after your family, seeing friends, cleaning the house, taking care of kids and generally running a household! When you've got all that on your shoulders, taking some time out to hit the gym sounds like a fairytale which will never, ever happen!

Weight Loss Cardio Workout at Home You Can Actually Fit into Your Busy Life - This 30-minute cardio workout video is done by real women (not catwalk models!!) and is super simple to follow. Because it's so short, I can fit it into even my busiest days! This is definitely going to help with the weight loss.

And that's where this cardio workout at home comes in! A couple of years ago when I decided I was going to become more active and fit, I searched for cardio workout YouTube videos and this 30-Minute Crdio Workout by the CafeMom Studios was beyond perfect. I'm not a mom and this video certainly isn't just for women with children! It's for women who really want to work out but don't have time to get to the gym, don't have cash to throw away on fancy equipment and need clear visuals of what the exercises look like so they know they're doing them right. Sound familiar?

Cario workouts are incredibly good for you and your body. So if you're feeling a bit underwhelmed and unmotivated at the idea of starting a new workout routine, check these three facts out:

  • Cardio workouts increase your metabolism, which means your body burns up fat and calories faster
  • Getting your heart working faster makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease
  • Exercise releases feel-good hormones which suppress your appetite, relieve stress and...well...make you feel good!

There are loads of reasons I love these cardio exercises, so I just know you're going to love them, too. First off, the three women who do the cardio workout are real women. As in their bodies aren't perfect, they're not smiling from ear-to-ear the whole time and they're not plastered in make-up. Don't you just hate workout videos where the women look like super models ready to hit the cat walk from start to finish?

Better still, the video is only 30 minutes (5 minutes warm-up, 15 minutes cardio exercises, 10 minutes warm-down stretches) so it's pretty easy to fit into your day and the exercises are totally do-able. When I first started working out, I was in really bad shape and couldn't even do a single push-up - but even I could do these exercises! You just need a little bit of determination to push you through it. But even if the exercises are a little too much for you to handle, there are always much easier modified versions you can do instead. Some movement is better than none!

I love doing this weight loss cardio workout at the start of my day because I find that's the easiest time to workout. I throw on my workout gear, play the video and start following along before my body realises what it's doing! When is your favourite time to workout?

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