Work With Me

Happy Healthy Motivated isn’t my main source of income. I love it with every piece of my body and soul and it makes me feel great to share my low FODMAP recipes and IBS relief advice with the world every day. But it just doesn’t pay the bills! To keep the lights on, I spend most of my time working as a freelance writer and social media manager/marketer for all kinds of businesses and brands.

My freelance writer and social media manager work

My main work includes:

  • Developing, photographing and writing amazing-looking and wonderful-tasting recipes
  • Writing awesome and engaging posts about the exciting places I’ve been
  • Putting my research skills to the test for in-depth health articles (and travel articles if I’m unfamiliar with the place)
  • Creating effective social media strategies for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+
  • Managing social media accounts, engaging with followers and creating and curating super-sharable content
  • Leveraging social media account to market products and services

My freelance writer and social media manager clients

Some brands I currently work for include:

I’ve got some crazy WordPress skills, I’m constantly staying on top of the latest SEO best practises and I’m a total Pinterest know-it-all! Just check out my profile on Upwork. That 100% job success rate comes from hard work, dedication and a genuine passion for what I do.

Hire me as your freelance writer and social media manager!

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