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What is Happy Healthy Motivated?

Happy Healthy Motivated isn’t your average healthy lifestyle blog. It’s your new best friend, there right by your side to encourage you along your journey to becoming your best you. Here you'll find quick, easy and healthy recipes you'll love, plus fun workouts to help you stay in shape and look amazing. Who could say no to that?

You can enjoy delicious food that tastes awesome, does wonders for your body and makes you feel incredible. And you can embrace a more active lifestyle and commit to a workout routine that fits in with your schedule, boosts your mood and makes you look better than ever before. And I'm on a mission to prove it.

If you're looking for a good place to start, check out my most popular recipes. Or if you're a bundle of energy, start my 30 day yoga challenge for beginners. Your body will thank you for it.

Low FODMAP Recipes

What's in it for you?

Happy Healthy Motivated is for everyone who wants to be healthier but doesn't know where to begin. It's for everyone who's tired of eating limp salads for lunch and wants some serious variety in their diet. It's for everyone who wants to a gym bunny but doesn't think they have the time, never mind the motivation!

In short, Happy Healthy Motivated is for everyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, take back control and become the best version of themself possible.

Low FODMAP Recipes

Why should you trust me?

Want some proof that I know what I'm talking about? My work been featured by Buzzfeed, Greatist, Foodista, Yummly, ActivewearUSA, Postris, Gluten Free Travellers and The Whole Elixir. It continues to inspire thousands of people to become the best versions of themselves every day.

Who am I?

Wondering who created this great resource full of healthy recipes and fun workouts?

low fodmap recipes - nicola profile photo

That would be me! I'm Nicola, a British-born food and travel writer currently based in a teeny tiny beach-front apartment in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Since I had my first spoonful of mashed peas and carrots as a baby I've always loved eating. And since my grandma showed me just how easy it is to make your own amazing chocolate cupcakes when I wasn't even tall enough to see over the counter, I've loved cooking.

When I quit my office job and began working as a freelancer from home, I was terrified I was going to put on so much weight. So instead of taking advantage of the kitchen being literally ten steps away from my desk, I dedicated my time to developing exciting, healthy recipes that taste just as good better than their full-fat full-sugar counterparts and creating fun workouts that are easy to fit into a busy schedule and can be done at home.

I really do believe that life is all about balance. I want to be perfectly honest with you: I don't workout every day and I don't eat healthily 100% of the time. I live by the 80-20 mantra: healthy 80% of the time and not-so-healthy 20% of the time. Finding the right balance that works for me has helped me maintain an overall healthy lifestyle for years and it's what I want to inspire you to achieve!