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Printable Conversion Chart Series - Chapter Two: Fahrenheit to Celsius

I'm back today with the second printable conversion chart - this one dedicated to temperatures. If you're European and regularly follow American and Canadian blogs or you're American or Canadian and regularly follow European blogs, you'll know how useful this printable is.

Me, I'm a British food blogger, living in the Canary Islands, reading a boatload of American and Canadian blogs. Still with me? Me and my oven both use Celsius, so it can be more than a little frustrating when almost every single recipe I come across uses Fahrenheit.

(FYI, so far I've had to spell check the words Celsius and Fahrenheit four times each. You wouldn't believe I'm a professional writer, would you?)

Fahrenheit to Celsius Printable Chart |

Some temperature conversions - the most common ones - I've stored in my mind, such as 350F = 175C, but I find myself double checking time and time again just to make sure my conversion is right and  I don't end up with burnt cookies. Like I said, I'm into words - not numbers - so really don't trust myself to mentally calculate the Celsius temperature from the Fahrenheit temperature - not without a calculator or Google, anyway.

I'm sure there are loads of of talented bakers out there who can switch between the temperatures in a matter of milliseconds, but for all you guys out there like me who would rather have a reliable chart they can stick to their fridge, this printable is for you!

Fahrenheit to Celsius Temperature Conversion Chart

Fahrenheit to Celsius Printable Chart |

I just want to get it out there that these temperature conversions aren't 100% accurate, but they're accurate enough for baking. I mean, I don't know anyone who when reading 'bake at 350F for 15 minutes' goes to the oven and sets the temperature to 176.667C. Do you? I don't imagine they'd be much fun to hang out with.

You can save this printable and store it on your computer/tablet/phone/whatever device you use in the kitchen or save it to your PC, print it out and stick it somewhere in your kitchen so it will always be nearby when you need it. To save the printable, simply right click on the image and click on save.

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  1. Rosilind Jukic

    Wow - this is great! I am an American missionary in Europe. I am sharing this on my missions FB page - because I know a lot of missionaries could really use this. Excellent!

  2. Joy @ Yesterfood

    Nicky, this is so handy- thank you! I have pinned this to refer back to frequently! Thanks for sharing it at Treasure Box Tuesday. 🙂

  3. Sara

    This is great! I've never been good at conversions of any kind and this is very helpful for someone like me!

    Thanks for sharing another great post and for linking it up with us over at Tell it To Me Tuesday!

  4. Kate CHAPLIN

    Very helpful for Australians too. Thanks.?