Caramel Apple Martini

Get into the spirit of fall with this deliciously smooth and wonderfully sweet caramel apple martini. It takes just 2 minutes and 5 ingredients to make (4 if you skip the sugared rim!) and tastes even better than a caramel apple. And at only 110 calories per cocktail, a glass (or, ahem, two) won't ruin your healthy diet.

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Caramel apple martini in a typical martini glass

Find this caramel apple martini too strong?

I know 100% alcohol cocktails aren't for everyone, which is why this caramel apple martini recipe is actually a 2:1 ratio of soft drinks to alcohol. Yes, technically, this means it's not a true martini. But when something tastes this good, we can overlook something as small as that, right?

If the cocktail is still too strong for you, simply stir in some more soda water or apple juice. Doing this will also make your drink bigger so it will last longer and you'll get to enjoy more caramel apple-y goodness. Yay!

How to sugar rim a glass

Coating the rim of the martini glasses with sugar is totally optional. Thanks to the caramel vodka, the cocktail is definitely sweet enough without it. But it looks pretty cool and is great for impressing people. If you want to play bartender, here are the steps to professionally sugar rim a glass:

  1. Sprinkle the sugar onto a plate. Ensure the sugar covers a greater surface area than the rim of the glass you're using.
  2. Choose a liquid to rub onto the rim of the glass. A citrus juice (i.e. lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit juice) is usually used. But water is a suitable alternative when citrus would clash with the cocktail's ingredients, such as in this recipe for caramel apple martini.
  3. A. If you're using citrus, cut off a slice of the fruit and run it around the rim of the glass, trying not to get any juice anywhere other than the rim.
    B. If you're using water, pour some water onto a plate and dip the rim of the glass into it. Hold the glass over the plate sideways to let the excess drop off.
  4. When the rim of the glass is wet, place it wet-side-down onto the plate of sugar.
  5. Twist the glass to make sure it picks up as much sugar as possible.
  6. Gently shake the glass over the plate to remove the excess sugar.
  7. Carefully pour the drink into the glass, avoiding the sugar rim the best you can.

Caramel apple martinis next to two halves of an apple

No equipment? No problem!

In this recipe for caramel apple martini, I use a cocktail shaker to combine all the ingredients. If you don't have a cocktail shaker and simply can't wait for Amazon to deliver one, you can totally just mix the ingredients in the glass with a spoon. If you're doing the sugar rim, it's a good idea to mix the ingredients together in a small jug then pour them into the glass, so you don't ruin the sugared rim. But if you're skipping the sugared rim, you can mix your drink straight in the glass.

No point wasting money on kitchen gadgets you're not going to use, right? Unless you make a lot of cocktails. In which case you should totally add a cocktail shaker onto your Christmas list.

How to serve this caramel apple martini

This caramel apple martini is amazing on its own. But it would also work incredibly as some sort of fall-inspired grazing platter for a party or small get together. I'm thinking...

I need to stop right now before I go into a daydream food coma!

A close-up shot of a caramel apple martini on brown paper

More fall cocktail recipes

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📖 Recipe

Close-up shot of a golden caramel apple martini

Caramel Apple Martini

Get into the spirit of fall with this deliciously smooth and wonderfully sweet caramel apple martini. It takes just 2 minutes and 5 ingredients to make (4 if you skip the sugared rim!) and tastes even better than a caramel apple.

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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Caramel Apple Martini
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
Servings: 1 serving
Calories: 110kcal


  • brown sugar for the rim
  • ice
  • 1 oz caramel vodka
  • ½ oz apple vodka
  • 1 oz apple juice
  • 2 oz soda water


  • Sprinkle some brown sugar onto a plate. Rub some water around the rim of a martini glass and dip it into the brown sugar.
  • Add some ice into a cocktail shaker and pour in the caramel vodka, apple vodka, apple juice and soda water.
  • Shake for about a few seconds then strain into a martini glass and serve.


Calories: 110kcal

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  1. Carolne

    This sounds like it would be perfect for a cool fall night. I can't wait till we get one of those here in PA!

    • Nicola Quinn

      Thanks, Carolne. They really are perfect for this time of year.