Vodka Cranberry Slush

Ever since My Official Treat Taster introduced me to alcoholic slush puppies, they’ve been my favorite type of cocktail. Cold, sweet and slushy – although they won’t do much for your street cred. So instead of feeling bad when asking for a shot of vodka in my raspberry slushy with an innocent picture of a dog in a hat on the front, I make my own at home!

Vodka Cranberry Slush

There is nothing better than driving home on a hot summer day after spending hours sweltering at the beach, knowing that you have a great big container of alcoholic slushy at home. Trust me – that’s how I spent every single weekend last summer. But it’s not summer right now – it’s winter. And although it might be warm enough to lounge by the pool or soak up the sun at the beach where  I live, changes are, you’re freezing your whatever off where you are.

Vodka Cranberry Slush

But just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun drink, too! In an effort to make this seem appealing for winter, I avoided the summery flavors and opted for cranberry instead – everyone knows cranberry is a winter fruit, right? And who knows, after you’ve spent time snuggling up under the duvet or in front of a fire, you might want to cool down!

Vodka Cranberry Slush -

Points for anyone who noticed that these pictures were taken on a glass table on my balcony. When I don’t get home until 6.30pm, the sun is setting and I don’t have a blog post prepared for tomorrow, I don’t have much choice when it comes to props, background or lighting!

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Vodka Cranberry Slush
  • 2 cups cranberry juice
  • 2 cups lemonade + extra for serving
  • 3/4 cup vodka
  1. Stir all the ingredients together in a container.
  2. Leave in the freezer overnight to set.
  3. Use an ice cream scoop to scrape a load of slushy stuff out and fill your glass to the top.
  4. Pour lemonade over the slush until your glass is full.
  5. Enjoy! (And don't forget to return the slush to the freezer!)


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