Frozen Banana Snickers Bites

Let me introduce you to your new favourite summer snack. Teeny tiny frozen banana bites topped with a smooth and buttery healthy caramel and rich and nutty peanut butter, all coated with a generous spoonful of drool-inducing dark chocolate and crushed peanuts because they look way more professional and fancy that way than without.

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Lemon, Raspberry and Coconut Overnight Oats

Imagine waking up in the morning to a healthy and delicious breakfast already made for you that tastes so incredible you’d swear you’re eating a naughty dessert and not a nutritious breakfast! Nope, you haven’t died and gone to heaven. You’ve just spent 5 minutes the night before making these lemon, raspberry and coconut overnight oats!

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No-Fail Whole Wheat Bread

A golden brown crunchy crust with the most amazing flavour-packed light and chewy centre, this simple healthy whole wheat bread recipe is sure to become your new favourite. So much so that I bet after you make your own whole grain bread, you’ll never even look at store-bought loaves ever again!

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